Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which allows decision to be made for you, or actions to be completed on your behalf, if you are no longer able to make your own choices. There are two main types:

Lasting Powers of Attorney for health and care decisions

This type of Lasting Powers of Attorney can only be used when mental capacity has been lost. Decisions made under this LPA might include:

  • Where you should live
  • The medical care you should receive
  • The food you eat and the activities you take part in
  • Who contact should be made with

It might even include special permission for the attorney to make life saving treatment decisions for you.

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Financial Decisions

This type of LPA can be used whilst you still have mental capacity. You can state that it comes into force if you lose capacity. The types of things it might cover include:

  • Buying and selling property
  • Mortgage payments
  • Money investments
  • Bill payment
  • Property repairs

Preparing your Lasting Power of Attorney

As you can see, a lasting power of attorney puts big decisions into someone else’s hands. It’s important that you get it set up correctly.

In order for your LPA to be valid, you must have demonstrated to a suitably qualified person that you understand the purpose and scope of the appointment and the powers that your attorneys will have on your behalf. Our team are able to perform this role. We can then prepare your LPA, including incorporating any restrictions on its use.

Your LPAs must be registered with the Court of Protection before they can be used. This process can take a long time.

How much does an LPA cost?

Lasting Power of AttorneyPrices include VAT
Single Lasting Power of Attorney (no registration)£200
Single Lasting Power of Attorney - and registration£282
Two Lasting Powers of Attorney (no registration)£380
Two Lasting Powers of Attorney - and registration£544
Four Lasting Powers of Attorney (no registration)£760
Four Lasting Powers of Attorney - and registration£1,088
Registration of pre-existing Lasting Power of Attorney£142
Registration of Lasting Power of Attorney at a different time to the writing of£60
Living will (Advance Directive) - with a Will£45
Living will (Advance Directive) - standalone£75
Severance of Joint Tenancy£200
Annual Storage Fee£35 per annum

Professional attorney for your LPA

Face to Face Estate Planning can act as your professional attorney. This provides a good alternative to a solicitor if you do not have any family willing or able to take on this task. We fully understand our role and responsibilities. We will always have your best interests at heart.